Mike Quadrini
June 2010 Mechanic of the Month: Mike Quadrini

Mike Quadrini of Quadrini Racing is photographed April 13, 2010 as he prepares one of his racing cars in Mamaroneck for an upcoming race. Quadrini, who has been involved in Formula 500 racing for the past 20 years, was recently named Top Mechanics™ June 2010

Work History:

Lexus Park Lane | 2007 - Present | Chief Mechanic
Autohaus, London, United Kingdom | 2004 - Present | Lead Mechanic

Name: Mike Quadrini General Ranking: #3 of 2345
Member Since: 04 April 2008 Projects: 22
City: London Total Earnings: $ ***.**
Country: United Kingdom Rating: 9.6

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